How should petty cash transactions be recorded?

You can record on slips or a listing, whichever is easier. The important thing to remember is that EVERY transaction must be recorded and must include:

Date of the transaction
Amount of the transaction
General description of the transaction

Our System

  • Records Cash Expenses On The Spot, Even When Outside The Office.
  • Disallow Spends Not Approved By The Persons Specified In Authorization Matrix.
  • Monitor Imprest Cash In Real Time At Each Location.
  • Optimize Cash Top-Ups Without Overflowing The Cash Box Or Running On Empty.
  • Auditors Can Examine Branch Expenses Without Leaving The HO. Painless For Both Auditors And Finance Team.
  • Supporting And Vouchers Digitally Saved In The Cloud. Physical Copies Remain At Branches.
  • Set Petty Cash Spend Limits For Each Branch. System Prevents Overspending.
  • Spends Are Easily Accounted For Under Correct Heads Consistently Across All Branches.
  • When you replenish petty cash, group transactions by account number and enter them in our bookkeeping program.
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